The header graphic shows 6 pictures. From left to right: A mother pushes her baby in a stroller. A lady in a wheelchair takes a book off a library shelf. A lady pulls her luggage up a ramp. A blind man uses a cane down a hallway. A nice stone ramp leading into a public building. And a man walks with a seeing eye dog.

Accessibility/Inclusion Topics

Accessible Golf


Accessible Tourism

A good resource on Accessible Tourism [more...]

Accessiblity for Persons with Visual Disabilities

Vision loss and blindness can affect anyone, at any age. This is very important source of information for people with visual disabilities. [more...]


There are several codes, standards and guidelines to make public buildings accessible. One thing to remember is that the codes are minimum requirements. Whenever you can do better or go beyond the code, do it! [more...]


For Information related to Business: ADA Business Brief, Business Case, Check-lists can be found here [more...]



Cultural Venues and Museums

One of the big issues with cultural venues is ensuring that people who are deaf and hard of hearing as well as people who have visual disabilities can participate. [more...]


Connecting job seekers with disabilities and employers in BC, and across Canada [more...]

Employment and Persons with Disabilities


Hearing Disability



There are several sources to assist with making houses more accessible or universally designed. It is always better to design features in at the beginning before the house is built. However, few homes are built this way and we also have to face retrofit or home modification to many homes. [more...]


Amazing Artists and Their Vision [more...]

Livable/Age Friendly Communities


Park and Trails

Parks and Trails should be accessible and inclusive to all users. Parks and Trails should be accessible and inclusive to all users. [more...]


Delayed Action door closer [more...]

Public Right of Ways

US Access Board: Special Report: Accessible Public Rights-of-Way Planning and Design for Alterations : [more...]





Universal Design/Accessibility General




Visitable Housing

Image of a visitable houseImagine if you could find a house that was easy to move into: had wider doorways and an entrance with no steps! Wouldn't it be easier to move in furniture and those very heavy appliances? Now imagine that your home welcomes everyone. Anyone you know who uses a wheelchair, a walker, or has a broken leg can actually come over to your house for coffee or a party. [more...]

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