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Accessibility Tip #43 - New! The Accessible Community Bylaws Guide

Building capacity for positive change has a lot to do with sharing information, especially information about toolkits, resources, and research projects concerning accessibility and inclusion. SPARC BC would like to share our latest project with you in the hopes it will help in your work. If you have something you would like to share with the network, please contact

The Accessible Community Bylaws Guide is a landmark project to be introduced to municipalities across BC at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention today in Vancouver.

A vast document covering nine model accessibility by-laws with hundreds of recommendations and one employment policy, it is designed to give BC municipalities a practical tool for planning, and serve as a knowledge resource for anyone wanting a comprehensive understanding of community accessibility.

The Accessible Community Bylaws Guide aims to:

-Give British Columbia municipalities a set of tools which they can use to construct more accessible communities for people with disabilities, as well as include people with disabilities in decisions that affect their lives.

-Utilize the strength of local government to enhance the accessibility of a community, which has many positive outcomes.

-Contribute to higher quality of life for community members, ensure the long-term viability of a community through sustainable infrastructure, and set an example for community partners and other communities.

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