The header graphic shows 6 pictures. From left to right: A mother pushes her baby in a stroller. A lady in a wheelchair takes a book off a library shelf. A lady pulls her luggage up a ramp. A blind man uses a cane down a hallway. A nice stone ramp leading into a public building. And a man walks with a seeing eye dog.

 Here is a logo for Measuring Up the North; in the background it shows a mountain range with the outline of city buildings and trees to either side.  The words Measuring Up the North are underlined by a yellow measuring tape fading off into the distance.

Creating livable, age-friendly, disability-friendly, universally designed, inclusive communities that benefit all citizens and visitors.

This is a series of three photographs, In the first photograph of Pat Harris and another gentleman in their wheelchairs as they come through the ribbon held by another two gentlemen to start the grand opening of the new Tatlyoko Trail In the second photograph is a large room with many round tables filled with people watching the presentation at the October Kickstart Conference. In the third photograph is Golfer Tom Garcia from Fort St. John is in action with his Accessible Golf Cart

Over 40 Communities in Northern BC, are working to make their communities liveable age-friendly, disability-friendly, universally designed, inclusive for all citizens and visitors. Great things are happening due to partnerships between local governments, community members and organizations, businesses and industries. This project started in 2007 has many success stories. MUTN Phase 1 occurred over two years, from 2007-2009.

Since 2009, the Initiative has been led by the North Central Local Government Association with a minimal of central resources and less wider provincial support. A recent evaluation follow-up of the MUTN Communities (2011) shows that many of the communities are continuing with MUTN activities and making continuous progress  due to previous systematic planning, policy and system changes  they had introduced in Phase 1. The Evaluation and Update Report 2011 provides details on the findings including successes and challenges that the communities are facing.  

Key Reports and Information

MUTN Phase II: Evaluation and Update Report (2011)

What Are the MUTN Communities Doing?

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